CASIC actively promotes outbound projects to deliver purchase orders during epidemic prevention and promote production.


The covid-19 epidemic has affected the development of CASIC and the lives of its employees. To actively promote the production of outbound projects, to deliver purchase orders, CASIC has taken a series of targeted measures. While ensuring the epidemic prevention and control of outbound employees, CASIC made sure that the outbound business and production are carried out normally, the related projects are running smoothly, and the contracts responsibilities are performed on time.

Luxembourg | IEE of CASIC 3rd Institute: emphasizing on both the epidemic prevention and production.

Faced with the epidemic, IEE of CASIC 3rd Institute headquartered in Luxembourg has fully carried out the epidemic prevention and control to ensure that all business activities and employees' lives are not affected.

IEE has required that employees around the world should reduce business travel and be banned to travel to Asia. 14-day quarantine is required for staff returning from Asia. Meanwhile, IEE has mobilized its subsidiaries all over the world to help its Langfang factory in China purchase anti-epidemic products. he The subsidiaries in Japan, Korea and the Slovakia purchased 4,200 disposable medical masks and 27 non-contact thermometers. The subsidiary in Mexico purchased 12,000 masks for Langfang.

IEE printed circuit production site

Now while ensuring epidemic prevention and control, IEE has mobilized resources worldwide to ensure the timely delivery of orders. "Preventing the epidemic while carrying out production", IEE strives to accomplish the annual targets of 2020.

IEE printed circuit production site

In addition to IEE China, IEE Luxembourg Headquarters, IEE Echternach factory, IEE Slovakia factory, IEE Mexico factory, IEE America, IEE Japan, IEE Korea, French AC MSL factory, BMS factory, and TIS factory are all operating normally.

Kenya | Kenya Corp Aerospace Construction .: sticking to your post to prevent and control the epidemic

Since the covid-19 outbreak, Kenya Corp Aerospace Construction has acted swiftly to carry out the epidemic prevention and control measures applicable to outbound companies. Through the company's Wechat group, all employees have been required to report the physical condition of themselves and their families on a daily basis. Routine disinfection of the dormitory and office area are carried out, and masks, disinfectant and other prevention and control products are purchased. Chinese and local employees have actively carried out decisions and deployment by the Party Committee of the company and made active efforts in the epidemic prevention and control. Till February 21st, no suspected or confirmed cases have been reported.

The construction of Kangondo Road is undertaken by Kenya Corp.

Kenya Corp. follows the local public holiday schedule so there is no Chinese Spring Festival holidays, thus the road construction projects and power grid engineering projects are carried as planned. Meanwhile, employees returned to China for vacation have been ordered to stay in China, and their replacements will be arranged. Instructions are offered online and project follow-up will be done in China. The management of Kenya Corp. attaches great importance to the safety and health of employees. Since the covid-19 outbreak, measures on the epidemic prevention and control have been made in detail. Online discussions with participants at home and abroad have delivered decisions to overcome difficulties and create conditions to promote the company's productions.

Germany | Aerospace Construction China Huahang Environment WKS: orderly resumption of production at home and abroad

Since the covid-19 outbreak, China Huahang Environment WKS, subsidiary of Aerospace Construction Institute, has attached great importance to the epidemic and has established of a full-level synchronized epidemic prevention and control monitoring system in Europe and Asia. German While closely monitoring the epidemic prevention and control, WKS has actively cooperated with China Huahang Environment to rule out epidemic risks.

The technical staff of WKS is discussing on the upgrading over the sewage treatment plant

Affected by the epidemic, German employees were unable to work in China as scheduled. However, an ongoing project or a potential project under bidding, German and Chinese employees have overcome the obstacles of jet lag and carried out active communication online, trying their best to minimize the loss on the project.

As the first project of Sino-German technology deep integration, as well as WKS’ marching onto China, the "Guiyang Medical Informational Automatic Control” was carried out in order via WKS, the client, Aerospace Construction Engineering Institute and other relevant parties discussing regularly online. Project control manual, SCADA screen configuration sample and other files’ compiling and review, as well as such work such staff assignment, security system, gas detection system, in-depth design are carried out in an orderly manner. weekly telephone conferences are held, and adequate measures have been taken against the epidemic. German technicians are particularly confident about China's current epidemic prevention and control measures, and hope to carry out the project earlier than planned, thus to help Chinese employees improve the design, and prepare the project well.

Other pre-bid projects of WKS are also proceeding in an orderly manner. Chinese and German translators work overtime to bridge the communication. WKS’ technician in charge has also actively participated in online discussions, making best efforts to ensure that the project is proceeding as planned and a successful completion of the project.

Hong Kong and Macao | Aerospace Information: battling against the epidemic, deliver orders, and overcoming difficulties together

The Party Committee of Aerospace Information attaches great importance to the development of outbound business. Ma Tianhui ,the Party Committee Secretary and Chairman took the command of epidemic prevention and control in person. While commanding the epidemic prevention and control in companies home and abroad, Ma commanded all outbound business should unite closely and overcome difficulties.

The outbound business team of Aerospace Information, especially the Outbound Cooperation Department of the Headquarters, outbound business subsidiaries, Hong Kong Aisino, Macau Aisino, Aerospace Gold Card, Guangzhou Aero-software Tech and other outbound business posts have taken responsibilities and concertedly and scientifically formulated projects implementation plans during the epidemic prevention and control, actively organized the staff to carry out the epidemic prevention, fulfilling the commitment to provide quality services to clients and making every effort to ensure that each outbound project is carried out in order.

So far, Aerospace Information has signed a total of 11 outbound projects , including 9 in Hong Kong and Macao SAR. The shortest project period is 3 years and the longest 15 years. To ensure the normal proceeding of the projects and deliver the project as scheduled , under the leadership of Aerospace Information, Hong Kong and Macao team has resolutely implemented the decisions and deployments of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the requirements of CASIC, Aerospace Information, and set an example of excellent Party members who can rise to the occasion at critical moments. The team has actively communicated and cooperated with the clients of Hong Kong Immigration Department and Registration Office to ensure work at all stages are uninterrupted.

Eurasia | International Operation Corp of CASIC Research Institute: relying on outbound clients to purchase medical supplies

Under the leadership of the Party Committee of CASIC Research Institute and the Party Branch of International Operation Corp, the outbound business team of International Operation Corp launched annual work plans and emergency work plans, to keep contact with clients and keep projects proceed as scheduled. They have been sharing with outbound clients the news of epidemic prevention and control released by the Chinese government and the work plans, boosting clients’ confidence in cooperation with International Operation Corp, and overcoming the difficulties together.

Mr. Evan, Director of the Investment Development Board in West Asia, sent his heart-warming greetings: "I believe that China will definitely become more advanced and powerful in all aspects in the future with its strong resources allocation capabilities and the strong solidarity among its people. Long live China!”

Chairman Huang of Hong Kong and Mainland Economic and Trade Association sent a video to cheer up the epidemic prevention and control. Mr. Chen, a Southeast Asian client, have paid close attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic in China and actively helped to search for such medical supplies as masks and protective clothing in the local area. Mr. Hassan, a British client, and Mr. Vincent, a French client, have sent their concerns about China's battle against covid-19 and actively assisted in the search for scarce medical supplies such as masks and protective clothing in Netherlands, Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia and other countries.

Faced with the covid-19 outbreak, all employees International Operation Corp immediately stood together. During the holiday season or after the resumption of work, the Party members all stood together at the front line while all other people had their back. Wechat group and online office platforms such as Cloud Messaging are open around the clock, to ensure work across time zones and regions can help proceed the projects on time.

Iraq, UAE, Ukraine, Egypt | Honghua Group: to ensure epidemic prevention and control, and production

Since the covid-19 outbreak in China, Iraq Project Unit of Honghua Oil Service affiliated to Honghua Group has actively and immediately carried out the requirements by Honghua Oil Service Epidemic Prevention Commando to ensure safe production of projects.

Based on the requirements of superiors, the Iraq Project Unit immediately carried out all staff screenings, strengthened the entry and exit control of staff, carried out key deployments such as maintaining stability, and eliminate epidemic risks from the source. Meanwhile, the unit has procured thermometers, disinfectants, disinfectant alcohol and other epidemic prevention products, and have procured and checked before acceptance the life necessities well, strictly monitored food processing and catering. Employees of the unit have been required to eat with social distancing.

Relying on Party members, the temporary Party Branch backbone members have actively participated in the epidemic prevention and control, publicizing epidemic prevention and control knowhow, procuring anti-epidemic medical supplies, carrying out routine disinfection of the entire region, implementing quarantine requirements, and appeasing employees' emotions, make every effort to ensure that all prevention and control work is done and safe production can be proceeded.

Honghua Gold Coast has actively organized the epidemic prevention and control in Dubai, UAE, and strictly implemented relevant regulations of the Group to ensure that the employees are well protected and their life and work are not affected. An complementary emergency notice on the management of employee’s work and life during the epidemic was formulated urgently to regulate employees' life and work during the epidemic. We have procured adequate masks and hoarded thousands of masks for employees at work. We insist to take body temperature of employees in dorm and at office every day. We carry out daily disinfection and cleaning. We require all employees to wear masks at work, and try to use separate offices such as small offices and meeting rooms and to keep enough distance in the big offices.

Honghua Ukraine has carried out epidemic prevention and control. Staff at office area must wear masks, and meanwhile we have strengthen the publicity and learning of epidemic prevention knowhow, posted slogans and posters in public places, and reminded employees to wash their hands frequently and pay attention to personal hygiene.

The battle against the epidemic is an order, and the epidemic prevention and control is the responsibility. Following such principle, Honghua Egypt carried daily life epidemic prevention and control well. Every detail, from body temperature taking at the door, disinfection punch record, tableware disinfection, to office area disinfection, has been put in place.

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