Hard-core technologies by CASIC to help battle against the epidemic.


At the critical moment of the battle against the epidemic, while protecting the employees against covid-19 well, all affiliated of CASIC undertook the mission of "powering the army through science and technology, serve the country with aerospace technology", gave full play to the advantages of aerospace technology, and provided aerospace solutions for the continued production in China against the epidemic. CASIC has helped the epidemic prevention and control across China, and greatly promoted the continued production in China.

An epidemic investigation policing software launched, independently developed by Daway, an aerospace systems company

Lately, an epidemic investigation policing software independently developed by Jiangsu Daway, an aerospace systems company, has been launched online to effectively assist the government to prevent and control the epidemic with information technology .

At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, employees of Jiangyin Office and R&D department of Daway ended their vacation in advance and immediately and actively cooperated with Jiangyin Municipal Public Security Bureau to battle against the epidemic. A special team was set up to ensure the stable running of the system, repair systemic glitches and meet the sudden new increases demand. On February 10th, Daway received a thank-you letter from Jiangyin Municipal Public Security Bureau .

During the epidemic prevention and control, Daway operation and maintenance center arranged routine maintenance staff for Wuxi intelligent traffic, tunnel and track rail maintenance. Based on self-protection, Daway employees were 24 hours on call for the maintenance of intelligent transportation facilities in Wuxi City to effectively guarantee the smooth running of monitors, and traffic lights, and assist relevant departments in epidemic prevention.

Changfeng, affiliated to CASIC 2nd Institute: ventilators and digital operating rooms to help covid-19 medical treatment

Presently, the situation of the epidemic prevention and control is grim and complex. Based on the current situation, nasal high-flow oxygen therapy is very suitable for the treatment of covid-19 infection. German TNI sofrFlow series of nasal high-flow respiratory humidification device is a powerful weapon for medical staff to battle against covid-19. And one of its agents in China is Changfeng, affiliated to CASIC 2nd Institute.

German TNI sofrFlow series of nasal high-flow respiratory humidification device is specially designed to help patients with respiratory failure. It’s a world-leading nasal high-flow device, and its popular. The device, applicable to adults, children and newborns, covering all disease-susceptible people, is a powerful weapon for medical staff to fight against covid-19 infection.

Presently, hundreds of TNI series products stocked by Changfeng have been sold out, and most of them have been applied in major anti-epidemic hospitals such as Wuhan Union Hospital. Meanwhile, it’s applied in many hospitals in Jiangxi, Shanxi, Hebei and Guizhou provinces. The device is clinically effective and can improve the patient's oxygen saturation rate immediately. Its humidification effect is good with no condensed water so no nasal obstruction. It’s well accepted by patients and can effectively relieve the patient's hypoxic symptoms and promote the patient's recovery of lung function . Presently hundreds of TNI series have been ordered.

In addition, ELISA ventilators and 812A emergency ventilator by Aerospace Changfeng have been sent to hospitals continuously, which plays an important role in the treatment of covid-19 patients. Up to now, dozens of ventilators are currently under production and are expected to be completed by February 12th. The medical subsidiary of Aerospace Changfeng has been working overtime for production for days. The production of medical devices are in strict accordance with the requirements of management standards and quality assurance system to ensure that qualified products are sent to the front line for anti-epidemic use.

Aerospace Changfeng has successfully deployed digital operating rooms in Hubei Provincial Cancer Hospital and Wuhan Huangpi District People's Hospital. Meanwhile, Aerospace Changfeng has actively cooperated with China and the hospitals to carry out digital information communication and exchanges in tele-medicine, tele-education, and medical visualization with modern medical methods, thus to answer to tele-medicine orders and science and help battle against covid-19 with technology at anytime, anywhere.

With the professionalism, meticulous dedication, Aerospace Changfeng has installed the entire system before the epidemic outbreak and handed it over to the hospitals. The medical subsidiary of Changfeng will also assist the hospitals in epidemic prevention nationwide. Modern medical treatment will help to defeat the epidemic.

With advanced information technology, the digital operating room will inform doctors of a large amount of patient-related information in real time. Based on the current operating environment, it is of great significance to combine real-time data monitoring with query and remote medical imaging technology in the operating room. Comprehensive imaging technology can improve doctors' surgical efficiency. The technology can help clinical teaching while effectively keep the operating room clean. Image retention can be used for medical research.

Under the current situation of nationwide effort against the epidemic, the use of remote medicine, remote patients observation, remote film viewing, remote monitoring, and remote training will undoubtedly and greatly relieve the pressure of medical workers. The technology can also offer consulting and treatment for patients with mild symptoms isolated at home, thus alleviate the risk of cross-infection caused by crowded hospitals and relieve the pressure on hospital medical resources.

No. 303 department of CASIC 3rd Institute: intelligent infrared body temperature measurement emergency equipment "on duty”

After 10 days of independent R&D, on February 7th, the intelligent human body temperature measurement equipment by No. 303 department of CASIC 3rd Institute went on duty.

Compared with the infrared body temperature measurement equipment on the market, this product can take pictures of people with abnormal body temperature and send alarms. It’s equipped with a fully automatic rapid screening system for human body surface temperature, and other functions such as automatic facial recognition comparisons will be added later.

In high-traffic public areas such as hospitals, airports and railway stations, this product can conduct preliminary screening on the surface temperatures of the human body via no contact, and immediately and effectively screen out individuals with abnormal body temperature from the crowd, send the alarm in real time, track the targets and carry out professional temperature measurement for confirmation, thus to effectively improve the detection speed.

Its accuracy of temperature measurement is of +/- 0.3 ℃, higher than the national standard requirements. So it’s leading the same products in China. As one of the earliest domestic R&D unit in infrared technology products, No. 8358 department has accumulated more than 60 years of infrared imaging technology. Its civilian products are widely used in security monitoring, industrial temperature measurement and other related fields. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, No. 8358 department has immediately launched the R&D of a new-type infrared thermal imaging body temperature measurement equipment urgently needed to battle against the epidemic and set up a "Temperature Emergency Equipment Party Member Team" in its intelligent photoelectric sensor center. Based on years of experience accumulated in infrared imaging technology, No. 8358 department successfully developed an emergency equipment for human body temperature measurement.

It is reported that the first batch of the products have now been used in the headquarters of CASIC and 3 of its affiliated the office buildings. Subsequent products will be widely used in public areas, government buildings and companies.

Materials Department of CASIC 3rd Institute: channeling resources help all affiliates in the aerospace system to battle against epidemic

As the material supplier of CASIC 3rd Institute, the Materials Department of the 3rd Institute has actively answered to the calls of the CASIC and the 3rd Institute and used its supply chain channels to provide raw materials for anti-epidemic equipment production in Wuhan, Suzhou and other regions in epidemic prevention and control.

Affected by the epidemic, most logistics companies have not yet resumed work. To ensure the relief supplies be in place, the Materials Department urgently and immediately allocated resources and successfully supplied 27 tons of rectangular steel pipes and 3000 meters of defatted copper used in the oxygen delivery system to Leishengshan Hospital.

Xi'an Automation affiliated to CASIC 6th Institute: developing an epidemic situation monitoring service platform to help epidemic prevention and control

Xi'an Automation R&D Center has actively implemented the important instructions for the epidemic prevention and control by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the higher-level Party Committee to carry out the company's epidemic prevention and control arrangements, establish a Party member support team, develop a new epidemic monitoring platform, and help the company's epidemic prevention and control in post-holiday resumption of work.

The epidemic situation monitoring platform mainly displays the real-time employee’s data in the company, the number of returned employees, the number of quarantined employees, the number of abnormal employees and other information via the company's online monitoring of epidemic prevention and control. There’s a chart showing the statistics of returned and abnormal employees, including the information of employees’ cross-provincial return journey and the means of transport/ Through the platform, one can easily get hold of the company's epidemic prevention and control information, which is convenient for the management to carry out epidemic prevention and control.

With Internet+application, the epidemic situation monitoring platform integrates geographic information resources with big data analysis capabilities, and displays the distribution of employees in the company with visualization tools. Based on the features of the organization, the platform can select one or more units of information for screening data display, which is convenient for the overall unit to query and obtain information on the subunits. Presently, engineers racing against time to develop and deploy the mobile terminal functions of the platform.

Suzhou Jiangnan, affiliate to CASIC Aerospace Jiangnan Institute: work resumption to meet two emergent purchase orders .

As the R&D center for emergency rescue equipment of CASIC in Jiangnan and the innovative platform for emergency rescue equipment in Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Jiangnan, an affiliate of Aerospace Jiangnan, has been on alert since the epidemic outbreak. The sales department has been on online around the clock, monitoring the hot lines of government departments. The management and employees of Suzhou Jiangnan are caring about Wuhai from afar.

Realizing there is an urgent need for negative pressure emergency vehicles, Suzhou Jiangnan rolled out its production chain, amassed and deployed all resources. The technical department went back to work after just two days’ rest. They checked drawings, searched for equipment and designed installation drawings. The marketing department reached to suppliers immediately. And the production department confirmed on employees who could come back to work immediately.

At 6pm on February 3rd, Suzhou Jiangnan received an emergency notice from Zhengzhou University 1st Affiliated Hospital for 4 sets of emergency rescue equipment to be sent to Wuhan. The administration department overhauled the vehicles overnight, and the quality department urgently organized an after-sales service team to stand by at any time. The first batch of equipment support teams was set off at 11:23pm that night, and at noon on February 4th, it was delivered to the assembly point of national emergency rescue team led by the hospital.

On the evening of February 3rd, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University urgently called for 5 sets of the equipment to be delivered to Wuhan, as well as a team of talents to station in Wuhan for a long time to ensure all the equipment function well when in use. At 9:30am on February 4th, Yang Shiyue from the marketing department led the team. Chen Jianchu, Bian Hengzhi and Zhou Zhaoqiang from the quality management department, Zhu Wenhua, Xu Bin and Qian Shifa from the administration department followed up. All 7 members met up in front of the office building of Jiangnan, Suzhou, and set off on time.

Aerospace communications: trying the best to ensure communication during the epidemic prevention and control.

Huanggang project unit of Nanjing Zhongfuda Company ensured the 4G network operation of Dabieshan Medical Center Hospital

On January 25th, Huanggang project unit of Nanjing Zhongfuda Company received the order to cooperate with the construction of a new site of Huanggang Dabieshan Medical Center Hospital. The unit amassed 5 emergency support staff for help. They urgently organized workers and started on the 4G base station and the backbone optical cable connection. After continuous high-intensity work throughout for a day and night, by 4am, all fiber-optic cables had been laid. At 4:30am, the 4G base station of Huanggang Dabieshan Medical Center Hospital started to operate.

On February 5th, CMCC Huanggang subsidiary of was ordered to assist CCTV to broadcast the local epidemic prevention and control, so the unit had to cooperate with CMCC Huanggang to open a broadband. The unit immediately organized 3 emergency support staff to participate in the broadband engineering. The live broadcast must show people Huanggang’s local specialty. So the support team went to Huanggang Economic Park Base Station, Huanggang Rural Commercial Bank Base Station, and Huanggang Binhuyuan Community for surveys. After several comparisons and discussions, the team decided to install a camera in Huanggang Binhuyuan Community. Then, they started the installation and test, and successfully launched the simultaneous broadcast of Huanggang Binhuyuan CCTV at 22:40 on February 5th, providing a symmetrical 1000M bandwidth, with a delay less than 20ms, ensuring a smooth streaming. This set up took only 6 hours.

Aerospace cloud web: battle against the epidemic online.

Guizhou medical resources supply system helps local epidemic prevention and control

Aerospace Cloud Web Company: battle against the epidemic online, and actively promote to carry out work online. Making full use of mature network tools such as Internet OA and aerospace cloud letter platform to carry out work. The successful launching of the aerospace Cloud Messaging APP in CASIC within 5 days, a cornerstone of CASIC’ online office. Setting up "Space News", "Announcement Board" and other sections to immediately deliver CASIC’ decisions, a platform for timely work communication.

Developing Guizhou medical resources supply system to help local epidemic prevention and control The system conducts statistical monitoring of medical materials in Guizhou based on company production, social channels, and medical institutions. It could amass real-time information on production, consumption, inventory, and allocation of medical resources for government decision-making. thus improving the efficiency of the Guizhou’s medical resources deployment.

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