China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited (CASIC) battles against the epidemic actively!


At the most critical moment of the epidemic prevention and control in China, the affiliates of CASIC in Hubei - the center of the epidemic, and those that have resumed for operation continued to actively battle against the epidemic and ensure the defeat of this battle of people, the battle of China, the battle of prevention and control against the epidemic!

The designated hospital. Hubei Aerospace Hospital (HAH) answered the call of admitting patients with covid-19 in Xiaogan City as a designated hospital.

On February 12th, Xiaogan Health Commission issued that "Having taken the current situation of covid-19 infection in Xiaogan City into consideration, we decide to designate Hubei Aerospace Hospital as the designated hospital to admit patients with covid-19 infection in Xiaogan".

Previously, HAH has screened more than 2,000 patients at its Fever Clinic, quarantined more than 100 patients, and transferred more than 100 patients. The prevention and control of the epidemic is now at a critical moment, so the number of suspected and confirmed covid-19 patients continues to rise in HAH. Based on the situation of epidemic prevention and control, Xiaogan Health Commission has formally designated HAH as a designated hospital to admit patients with covid-19 infection.

HAH has restructured three storeys (32 wards, 90 beds) of the hospital for covid-19 quarantine. HAH will further increase the number of wards under the order of Xiaogan Prevention and Control Command Headquarters, and formulate an over-all covid-19 prevention and treatment plan to coordinate the medical resources of the hospital, strengthen the collaboration of different departments of the hospital, strictly manage the covid-19 quarantine section as well as the hospital, strengthen the protection of medical staff, and strive to improve the medical treatment capability of the hospital, contributing to the defeat of the epidemic in Xiaogan City.

The support team is on march again!

The 2nd batch of medical support team of HAH sets off!

Whenever there’s a call, we’ll answer to it. Wherever there’s a battle, we’ll defeat the enemy! At 9 a.m. on February 12th, in the Academic Report Hall on the third floor of the Outpatient Clinic, HAH held an expedition ceremony for the 2nd batch of medical support team to Southeast Hospital. The 2nd batch medical support team, composed of 3 doctors and 26 nurses, will help Xiaogan Southeast Hospital to diagnose, treat and care for the patients with highly suspected infection.

Based on the order of centralizing patients due to close-contacts infection by Xiaogan Prevention and Control Command Headquarters, HAH stationed 3 medical staff at Wanfeng Medical Point to help the epidemic prevention and control at Hangfeng Hotel. They helped monitor the patients closely and take their body temperatures at given time.

On February 10th, the 1st batch of support team, 10 volunteers from HAH, took their duty at the Fever Outpatient. Most of the volunteers are from the administrations of HAH. Their main duty is to guide patients for registration, lead the patients for the CT scans when need be, send the blood samples of the patients to the laboratory and distribute medicines.

To answer to the orders unconditionally! Two affiliates of CASIC Sanjiang have been designated as the infection observation points.

The battle against the epidemic is an order, and the epidemic prevention and control is the responsibility. Previously, CASIC Sanjiang's Wuhan Reception Center and the singles’ apartment in the training center in Xiaogan City, were urgently requisitioned by the local Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters as infection observation points. The Party Committee of CASIC Sanjiang attaches great importance to the observation points and orders unconditional support from the two affiliates to the observation points. CASIC Sanjiang rose to the occasion, resolutely answered to the orders and fully cooperated with the local Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters for all kinds of work.

Presently, the situation of the epidemic prevention and control is grim and complex, and the temporary infection observation points are scarce. In Wuhan, the Party Committee of CASIC Sanjiang has actively answered to the government’s call and unconditionally offered 80+ rooms and supporting facilities at the reception center to Qiaokou District People’s Government for epidemic prevention and control. The reception center set up a CPC member team and spent only half a day on safety inspection, cleaning and cleaning of the 80+ rooms. The team actively cooperated with the government staff for disinfection, and ensured the provision of water, electricity, gas, firefighting, security, air conditioning, television and other basic facilities.

In Xiaogan, as the designated unit, the singles’ apartment of CASIC Sanjiang Training Center, strictly carried out the epidemic prevention and control orders by Xiaogan Municipal CPC Committee and the Municipal Government. A separate quarantine section, 7 floors of a total of 191 rooms and beds, was set up in the apartment for the observation of infected patients. Meanwhile, a Party-member volunteers’ team was immediately set up. They worked day and night to overhaul life facilities, procure supplies, conduct cleaning and disinfection, and allocate staff, to ensure the provision of prevention and control medical supplies and other life necessities at the apartment.

Till February 12th, the singles’ apartment in Xiaogan has received 54 patients with 12 medical workers and staff stationed.

At the most critical moment of the epidemic prevention and control, CASIC Sanjiang has overcome multiple difficulties, actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, and made solid contributions to the epidemic prevention and control in Hubei Province.

No.23 department of CASIC 2nd Institute provided meteorological data to Huoshengshan Hospital and Leishengshan Hospital

On February 13th, southeast wind of level 3-4, weather cloudy and light rain, temperature 8-17 ° C. This is the 20th day of the portable six-element automatic weather station at service near the entrance of Wuhan Huoshengshan Hospital. The station was installed by Aerospace Newsky Corporation affiliated to No. 23 Department of CASIC 2nd Institute. Another automatic weather station, which has been at the Military Games residential community since the Wuhan Military Games, also served Leishengshan Hospital for 19 days.

Since the construction of the two hospitals, the two automatic weather stations have been providing 24-hour uninterrupted real-time meteorological data, measuring the temperature, wind direction, wind force, precipitation and relative humidity near the two hospitals to provide the local meteorological department with essential information to help battle against the epidemic. Presently, the two stations are running well, transmitting accurate information for the meteorological department in real time, ensuring meteorological provision and related services.

"Black" technology for precise epidemic prevention by No. 303 department of CASIC 3rd Institute

At the critical moment of the epidemic prevention and control in China, infrared imaging thermometers are widely used in hospitals, airports, rail transit, communities and other public places with high traffic. The first batch of trial-produced epidemic-use extend blackbody developed by No. 303 department of CASIC 3rd Institute has been delivered to a number of thermometer manufacturers for trial. It is expected to provide a large number of supporting products in the future to meet the market demand.

It is said that the crowd screening infrared thermometer, small in size and light in weight, developed by the department, can calibrate the blackbody on site, thus ensuring the accuracy of the infrared thermometer, improving the accuracy of the human body temperature measurement as well as the accuracy of crowd screening. There is a 1/4-inch standard mounting port at the bottom of the thermometer, so the thermometer can be installed on a tripod, thus very convenient and flexible to use.

No. 303 Department will continue to play an important role in medical, construction, safety monitoring, environment monitoring and other industries to continue to improve people's livelihood with aerospace technologies.

“Epidemic Prevention and Control Data Filling System" by No. 304 department of CASIC 3rd Institute to help epidemic prevention and control

The "Epidemic Prevention and Control Data Filling System" developed by No. 304 department of CASIC 3rd Institute is currently used in the department domestically. One can check in every day on the mobile terminal to fill in personal information, modify personal return itinerary and register visitor/relative staff information. Meanwhile, the system supports two-level-manager to export relevant data for information collection and statistical reporting, greatly improving the efficiency of data filling and reporting and effectively shortening the management chain for information reporting, monitoring and prevention.

"Premium Mall" by Hunan Aerospace Tianlu Co., Ltd. helps SMEs to resume production.

At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim and complex, but the resumption of work of SMEs is also imminent. A group of cloud service organizations cultivated and identified by Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology have taken active actions to professionally help SMES and offer them a range of cloud products to overcome obstacles. "Premium Mall" by Hunan Aerospace Tianlu Co., Ltd, enlisted by Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology as a certified cloud service provider, helps SMEs to resume production to ensure the sustainable development of testing industry.

"Premium Mall” is a cloud testing service premium market launched by Quanhui Test. Adhering to the concept of "selecting the best from the best", by formulating unified rules and strictly controlling the testing institutions that provide testing services, the mall provide users with quality testing services on the cloud.

Quanhui Test’s "Premium Mall” can provide services of customized order development for free, mature online testing process, SMS reminders for free, complete testing category display and so on. In addition, "Premium Mall” also provides such special services as "online payment to your" home, payment after use and sales management encyclopedia. Quanhui testing platform advocates "online promotion of testing services and testing services" during the epidemic, which helps the testing industry to battle against the epidemic, ensuring production and development.

Tax services by China Aerospace Information offers magic weapons for work resumption.

The epidemic is not over yet, but many companies have started an online office mode. Based on its rich experience in fiscal and taxation services, Nono Company, affiliated to China Aerospace Information, has provided a series of online services for companies.

During the epidemic, centered on users' core demands of bill management, financial management, taxation services, taxation training and financial services, China Aerospace Information Corporate Financial and Taxation Service Platform ( offered Nono Cloud OA, Nono Cloud Accounting, Nono Cloud Accounting and other online office products to all companies in China for free, to help companies and individuals complete financial management, office work, taxation, business contracts signing, financing, etc. remotely. Meanwhile, Nono opened free online live tax and tax courses to companies in China, offering a convenient way for finance workers to "improve themselves" at home.

As a long-term payment equipment supplier and electronic payment solution supplier of China Construction Bank, Jiewen Company, an affiliate to China Aerospace Information, has been stationing at China People's Liberation Army General Hospital since January 27th to help the development, testing and launching of CCB self-service terminal scan code payment integration system , thus to reduce the waiting time for payment and doctors, thus reducing the risk of cross-infection.

As the main contractor of the public security management system of the hotel industry in China, Golden Card, subsidiary of China Aerospace Information, has actively cooperated with the local public security departments and developed the functions of the comparison module and alarm module of the hotel security management system within just 24 hours. The new functions can timely track the hotel records of staff in the key epidemic prevention and control areas, thus contributing to the battle against the epidemic.

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