Solicitude from CASIC to Global Partners for Fighting COVID-19V


Dear friends,

So glad to meet you!

Please accept the warm greetings from CASIC,China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited.

I still remember the touching lyrics in You and Me, the theme song of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, “You and me/from one world/we are family...”. Following a vision of win-win cooperation, CASIC and our partners worldwide gathered together and forged a community with a shared future toward business success; it is where our friendship began.

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has been spreading all over the world. Life and health of global citizens are being threatened; world economic and social development is facing tremendous challenges.

As a popular Chinese saying goes, “When disaster strikes one place, aid comes from all sides.” In a time of struggle for Chinese people, CASIC staff are facing the challenges of preventing and controlling the pandemic as well as resuming production. At the difficult time, we felt so relieved as we received the encouraging words and support from you, our bosom friends, and we are ever so confirmed in our capacity to cope with all difficulties.

Under the strong leadership of the Chinese government and thanks to nationwide painstaking efforts, pandemic prevention and control is steadily gaining momentum in China, and production and people’s daily lives are enjoying a speedy recovery. Up to now, the work resumption rate for all CASIC subsidiaries in China has reached 99%.

CASIC subsidiaries overseas have been joining efforts with local governments. Thousands of our overseas employees followed protection requirements for production and daily lives proposed by local governments and the subsidiaries, and none of them are infected with COVID-19 and all are at work.

Currently, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc in numerous countries and regions around the globe. Pressure and uneasiness are shared between us.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.” “A timely help shall be kindly reciprocated a hundred times.”

At present, we are most concerned about friends who had offered us encouraging words and timely help in our difficult time. Please allow me to extend, on behalf of 150,000 CASIC employees, our heartfelt solicitude to all of you. Let us join hands to counter the pandemic and weather the storm.

CASIC places equal emphasis on the life safety of Chinese and foreign employees alike.

Health conditions of our partners, new and old, are on our mind. CASIC will do the utmost to share pandemic prevention experience and aid our partners in gathering prevention and control materials.

We firmly believe that the ongoing pandemic will finally be conquered. Let us unite and further our anti-pandemic cooperation. All our efforts will surely usher in a brighter future.

Together, Forever!

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited

March 20, 2020

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