CASIC Held Signing Ceremony and Supporting Activities at the Second CIIE --- Achieving New High in Contract Value


On November 6, CASIC held a signing ceremony at the second CIIE, and concluded more than 20 projects, achieving new high in contract value compared to the first CIIE. Zhang Hongwen, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy General Manager of CASIC, and leaders of relevant departments and organizations of the headquarters attended the ceremony and witnessed the signing of the contracts. CASIC got actively engaged in setting up a platform for communication and cooperation. Compared to the first CIIE, CASIC held more supporting activities at the Expo, like automobile electronics promotion meeting and signing of strategic cooperation agreement between CASIC and FORCAM, further deepening and expanding the exchange and cooperation between CASIC and international advanced enterprises.

On the afternoon of November 6, IEE, a subsidiary of CASIC, held a promotion meeting on the new-generation automobile electronics. Paul Schockmel, IEE's Vice President of Strategy, mainly introduced three automobile sensors: VitaSense, HOD and POS.

According to relevant information, in addition to the above three automobile sensors, IEE also showcased its Smart Opener (SO), Tailgate Detector (TDflex), BodySense, Occupant Detection Sensors-Front and Rear Seats, Surface Heaters and Battery Management, receiving high attention and favorable comments. Customers in the domestic and foreign automobile industries on the scene showed great interest in related products and expressed their intention to further cooperate with IEE.

Relevant responsible person of IEE said that IEE participated in the second CIIE with the aim of publicizing IEE's products and technologies to Chinese customers, further increasing IEE's popularity in the Chinese market, and deepening connection and communication with Chinese customers. With this promotion meeting as a new starting point, IEE will carry out in-depth and multi-angle exchanges and cooperation with industry partners, to draw on each other’s strengths and share resources, advance joint development and achieve mutual benefit, and work together to move the automobile electronics industry forward.

Working Together to Develop Strategic Cooperation in Industrial Internet Ecosystem Building and Talent Cultivation

In addition to the automobile electronics promotion meeting, CASICloud-Tech Co., Ltd. ("CASICloud") affiliated to CASIC and FORCAM Shanghai Software Technology Co., Ltd. ("FORCAM") concluded a strategic cooperation agreement. To further expand its "cloud ecology", CASICloud cooperated with FORCAM in promoting the application of lean manufacturing digital cloud, joint developing IIoT products and services, as well as cloud digital transformation and upgrading scheme for the Chinese manufacturing industry, and in providing integrated solutions for skill improvement of lean manufacturing talents required for enterprise transformation and upgrading. Both CASICloud and FORCAM agreed to jointly declare the Sino-German intergovernmental scientific and technological research and development projects. The conclusion of the strategic cooperation will further push the Sino-German advanced manufacturing solutions to be put into practice in China, actively promote the international ecosystem building of industrial Internet, and boost the digital transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.

According to relevant information, in recent years, CASICloud has stayed committed to creating value for its customers in the fields of platform products and services, intelligent manufacture, industrial big data, and building an ecosystem for cloud manufacturing industry clusters. As a global-leading IIoT service provider, FORCAM upholds the tenet of helping enhance the core competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, boosting the digitalization of enterprises, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of digitalized enterprises.

CASICloud has also launched the "Cloud Marketing" platform which is built and operated in an Internet mode by means of mobile terminals and block chain technology, to push the marketing business to the "Cloud", thus changing the marketing methods and innovating the business model. The cloud marketing platform has just been evaluated as a typical case of informatization application of central state-owned enterprise in 2019. The platform has initially shown its effect in boosting the marketing.

On the afternoon of November 6, China Changfeng Mechanics and Electronics Technology Academy ("Changfeng") and Sweden's Hexagon AB jointly held an activity on the theme of "Shaping Smart Changes", and signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the procurement of measuring and testing instruments and equipment.

In the activity, Hexagon AB, a large international high-tech enterprise engaged in measuring and manufacturing programs, introduced in detail its solutions in the fields of intelligent manufacture and smart city, and demonstrated its application examples in the fields of design engineering and measuring and testing. Changfeng and Hexagon AB held in-depth exchange of views on effectively improving the production efficiency and productivity in equipment manufacturing and other fields, and agreed to expand cooperation in comprehensively improving the level of multi-field research and development to provide strong support for continuous industrialization and high-quality development.

The cooperation and exchanges made by CASIC at the Expo are only the epitomes of CASIC in promoting international economic and trade development. In the future, CASIC will keep on pursuing the vision of innovative, coordinated, green, and open development that is for everyone, actively integrate into the global innovation network with a more open attitude, and work with partners to make positive contributions to the global economic development and to a community with a shared future for mankind.

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